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Transfer/Gait Belt



Transfer/Gait Belt


Made in Canada! Our transfer/gait belt is manufactured with 2" heavyweight polypropylene webbing with Breaking strength@556 lbs

This simple strap makes it easier and safer for the patient and the caregiver to move around together, especially when it comes to standing and walking. Not only does a gait belt reduce the risk of patient falls, it also helps protect caregivers from straining their backs. Read on to learn everything you need to know about gait belts and how to properly use them.

For Patient Transfer Assistance
While moving a patient from their bed to a wheelchair or vice-versa, a transfer gait belt with handles is generally used for better grip. The patient puts his/her arms around the caregiver’s waist, thus providing support to both.

For Patient Walking Assistance
During recovery, a patient may be advised by their doctor to get some exercise every day in the form of walking. A trained physiotherapist, caregiver or even a family member can assist the patient with walking. It will allow the assistance provider to get a good hold of the patient while assisting them off the bed and even when the patient attempts to walk on their own. The handles offer a far better hold than traditional padded ones.

Gait Belts Prevent Accidents
There are some cases when a patient is weak that they tend to fall easily. In such an instance, a caregiver can support the patient together with the patient’s efforts. So, a Padded Gait Belt with handles and leg support can help caregivers keep a better hold of the patient.

For Preventing Back Injury of The Care Provider
When assisting a sick, injured, or an old patient, it is possible at times that a caregiver will be on the receiving end of an injury. The belt minimizes the risk of getting a back injury which could otherwise be life-threatening for the caregiver. The teeth of the buckle are placed safely for providing maximum comfort to the patient.

Several factors go into providing the best mobility assistance to patients, and one of them includes using walking and padded gait belt with handles made by a trustworthy company like Medtrica.


Size: 50 inch, 60 inch, 70 inch, 80 inch

Color: Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Black, Burgundy