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Transfer/Slide Sheet



Transfer/Slide Sheet


Made in Canada! Designed to easily assist in the repositioning process, our transfer/slide sheets are made of durable and lightweight nylon with special silicone coating on both sides to create a smooth and easy movement.

This frictionless patient handing device is a great way to reduce the chances of injury to the caregiver.

  • Reusable
  • Durable lightweight nylon
  • Exceptional quality and cost-effective
  • Compact, frictionless patient repositioning device
  • Built-in handles for ease of use
  • Machine washable up to 70C
  • available in roller/tubular or single flat sheet
  • Custom size available upon request 



Flat Sheet

HMCR5121(25.5"x24.5"), HMCR5122 (26"X63"), HMCR5123(53"X35.5"), HMCR5124(74"X53")

Roller/Tubular Style

HMCR5221(25"X22"), HMCR5222(37"X26"), HMCR5223(53"X38"), HMCR5224(74"X53")